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Escape Adventures for Family, Friends, and Co-Workers

Test Your Mind•Build Your Team•Bond With Family and Friends

Due to recent guidance from the CDC and federal government , 

Topsail Escape Room has decided to temporarily close for at least one week, beginning 3/16/20.  As we know more, we may adjust this time frame.  Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

Can You Relate?

Your family doesn't spend enough quality time together

You've tried team-building programs before, but they felt staged and inauthentic

You and your friends are looking for the next fun thing to do

You're visiting Topsail and don't know how best to spend your time

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Topsail Escape Room has helped thousands...

...improve their workplace culture

...make their vacation memorable

...connect with their family and friends

...strengthen their minds

The room was so much fun! Challenging but exciting! Our host was perfect , kind and helpful with just the right hints to keep us in the right direction. Can't wait to come back and do another one!

Stacy Fulcher, Google

Show up 5-10 minutes early for check in and rules

Let the escape begin!