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Escape Room tips & tricks

Here are 10 things to elevate your success in our games

1.) Try all the locks! When you've got a code try it out on the locks available. If there's an confusion on how to use the locks, consult the Game Master (it won't count as an official clue for our games, so ask away!).

2.) Don't cheat. One might think picking or bypassing locks is a great way to advance, but in truth it just confuses your team by getting puzzle elements way earlier than you might need them. It also creates confusion for the Game Master, and makes it harder to give helpful clues. 

3.) Ask for help! If you've been stuck for 6-8 minutes in our games, then you probably need help. Our rooms have an average of 12-15 puzzles, and you have an hour to solve them all

4.) Don't get too frustrated. While our games are made to be challenging, we don't want you burning up over them. It's okay to feel frustrated, but don't take it out on your teammates or our puzzles. Take a breather if needed.

5.) Trust yourself! Sometimes the easiest solution to the puzzle is the solution. If you have an idea, don't shrug it off without trying it first.


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