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What is an escape room?

     An escape room is an adventure experience where players are trying to solve a mystery. Clues are hidden in a room with one clue leading to another.  

Am I locked in a room?

     The idea of being locked in a room makes some guests nervous.  Therefore, we have made the decision to leave the doors unlocked.  If you need to leave for the bathroom, or to get some air, you are always free to do so.  Once you start playing, you probably won't want to leave though, it's that much fun.  

Is it scary?

      NOT AT ALL! 

Can we just show up?

     Sure, but there is a good chance we are already booked in the time slot you show up.  The only way to guarantee you will be able to play is to book your slot on our bookings page.

Can I continue to play until I solve the mystery?

       Unfortunately, you only have one hour to solve the mystery.  We may have another party waiting to play right after you.

Have other questions?  

Feel free to email questions to or call us at (910) 620-7578

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