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We recommend booking in advance to ensure your spot.

Parking is very limited, so please carpool when possible.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for instructions.

Cancellations that happen within 48 hours of your booking will not receive a refund.


Indoor Game                                   8/10 difficulty


You've awoken on an old, seemingly abandoned pirate ship. Will your group be able to gather the special gold pieces required to buy your way off?

Difficulty Explanation: the puzzles are relatively straight-forward, and require more of a detail-focused approach. 

Image by Tony Sebastian

Indoor Game                                   9/10 difficulty


Your marine bio professor, Dr. Serena Nguyen, has disappeared. Your classmate Adam has asked for your help finding her. Head into her office and see what you can find out. 

Difficulty Explanation: many of these puzzles usually require several (3+) items to solve, and does ask for out-of-the-box thinking.

Image by Andrew Neel

Outdoor Game                                 7/10 difficulty


(an OUTDOOR Game)

A journal has been found, formerly owned by the infamous pirate Blackbeard. Follow his footsteps in this OUTDOOR game to uncover the secrets of Topsail. (We recommend reading our informational page about this game).

Difficulty Explanation: while the puzzles are challenging, the real challenge is in the journey.

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