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Blackbeard's Treasure Important Information

Image by Aaron Burden

This is an outdoor game that will send you on an approximately 2-mile walk around the Surf City area. You will begin directly outside our building and return at the end of your game. This game has no time-limit, so you are able to take breaks, and/or get food during your journey. On average, groups take roughly two hours to complete this game. We will provide you a journal to use along the way, but you will also need to use at least one mobile phone, so be sure to have it charged and ready to go

You are not required to play during active business hours, however, you will need to get your game code from a game master. Due to the nature of this game, please be cautious when crossing or walking along streets, and be respectful of businesses you may come across. Please also be sure to check the weather before booking, as we run this game rain or shine.

Once you finish your game, we ask that you return the journal we gave you. Please return it either inside the business, to the active game master, or by leaving it on the bench outside (if we are closed).


To access your game, go to and sign up using your own information. Once registered, you will need to enter the game code provided by your game master upon arrival. 

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